Editorial: The Argentinian “Summer Dream”

Try to imagine being in a childlike state of mind. Running and jumping around after your red ballon trough the grey streets. Then in one of those jumps the air changes from dusty and heavy to light and windy. The smell off people and pavement switch with the scent of fields and summer. Your feet land on soft earth and korn plants, not hard dark stone. But your friend is nowhere to be seen. So you start looking.

Incidentally, you do not need to imagine, because the feeling is captured here. Ro Winsnes @rowinsnes and Vicky Dragonetti @vickydragonetti have done it for you. The two photographers did this editorial aided by the stylist Martina Pereira @cocosdaughter_ and the model Joaco Bellver @joacobellver. Inspired by “Le Ballon Rouge” (1956) directed by Albert Lamorisse and the clothing brand Brull @brullcollection used in the photographs.

“I think the feeling that remains when I saw it the first time, the film, was the loneliness and the love that little boy had for the balloon, he was a lonely kid, he didnt have any friends, and the balloon was his only friend and I think that love and devotion someone has for a friend, that kid gave that to that ballon. In the end the ballon dies, and the kid of course is devastated and I kept with that. I wanted to replicate that sadness, anger or loneliness, the feeling of anguish”

Ro Winsnes

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